Katrina F (February 2, 2015) :

I love the food here! They offer great sushi, salads,
asian noodle soup, and wonderful "house" dishes
with the best sauces and "gravies" that you can imagine!
"Asian Soul food" is the perfect description!
awesome food!
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Chris C (January 24, 2015) :

We just moved here from Asia. We have sampled quite a few
Asian restaurants here in Boblingen.
Miyo here and the Miyo in the Breuningerland Sindelfingen
have not disappointed us.
We have tried a lot of what's on the menu. My favorite is the pho.
Yes, it is not like the pho in the US but the taste,
the beef, and the sprouts in it are fresh and tasty.
It just lacks a little of the Sriracha sauce (fine tuning).
I also like their Bo Luc Lac, that is the their beef steak cut up
into cubes and then seared with onions in
a light sweet and sour sauce. It comes with a "salad"
of lettuce and sliced tomatoes with white rice.
My wife was able to get something that was not on the menu.
She was able to get the chef to cook a curry vegi stir fry with shrimp
(they have one with chicken on the menu).
She said that is one of the best she's had here in Germany.
The service is good and the food taste is one of the best here
in Southern Stuttgart/Boblingen.
The atmosphere is good and the location is nice next to the lake.

Overall, we'll be coming back again and again.
Jackosfan (March 2, 2014):

Asian soulfood is my favorite place to eat in Böblingen.
It's delicious, cheap and the staff is awesome.
The food is fresh and the restaurant is very clean.
When the weather is good you can sit outside
right next to the lake, the atmosphere is great.
I go there as often as I can and
its always my number one option.
I have taken many friends there and they have always loved it.
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